Production of high-purity magnesium boride compounds useful for superconductor manufacture comprises reacting magnesium hydride with boron

Methode zur Herstellung von Magnesiumdiborid sowie von Magnesiumdiborid-Formkörpern aus Magnesiumhydrid und elementarem Bor mittels Puls-Plasma-Synthese


Production of magnesium boride compounds (I) comprises reacting magnesium hydride and optionally another metal hydride or metal with boron and optionally another nonmetal. Production of magnesium boride compounds of formula (I) comprises reacting magnesium hydride and optionally another metal hydride or metal with boron and optionally another nonmetal: M = one or more metallic elements; E = one or more nonmetallic elements; x = 0-0.5; y, z, v = 0-1. Independent claims are also included for the following: (1) a process for producing (I), comprising reacting a magnesium compound and optionally a M-containing compound with a boron compound by means of pulsed plasma synthesis; (2) a compound of formula (I) with an oxygen content of no more than 1 wt.%; (3) a shaped product comprising a compound (I) and having superconducting properties at temperatures of at least 30 K.
Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Herstellung von Magnesiumdiborid (MgB¶2¶) aus Magnesiumhydrid sowie davon durch Austausch von Mg durch andere Metalle bzw. von B durch andere Nichtmetalle abgeleiteter Verbindungen sowie die Herstellung von Magnesiumdiborid-Formkörpern.




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